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Xi Jinping mention strategic vision:

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Chinese ancient Silk Road on the world map extends along recounting the friendly exchanges between the peoples, mutual benefit and moving story. Today, a new strategic concept in the world political and economic map of calm spread - to build a "Silk Road economic belt" and "Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century."
        Xi Jinping, general secretary in September and October, respectively, proposed the building of the "New Silk Road economic belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" strategic concept, emphasizing the relevant countries to build mutual benefit and win-win "community of interests" and common development prosperity "community of destiny."
        This grand ideas across time and space, came from the depths of history, ancient and modern facility, connecting Chinese and foreign, comply with peace, development, cooperation and win-win trend of the times, carrying the development and prosperity of all countries along the Silk Road dream, giving the ancient Silk Road with a new connotation of the times.
        Strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream

“一带一路”沿线国家和地区人口、经济规模等数据 中国经济网郑汉星制图 

In order to make economies more closely cooperate with each other more in-depth, broader space for development, we can use innovative modes of cooperation, to build the "Silk Road economic belt" to the point, from the line to the piece, and gradually form a large regional cooperation.
       - September 7, 2013, Xi said in Kazakhstan Nazarbayev University speech
       China is willing to ASEAN countries to strengthen maritime cooperation, the Chinese government set up by the use of good Chinese - ASEAN maritime cooperation fund, and develop marine partnership to build the 21st century, "Marine Silk Road."
       - October 3, 2013, the Chairman Xi Jinping said in a speech the Indonesian parliament
       Interpretation: building "along the way", is Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and active response to the profound changes in the global situation, the two co-ordinate the overall major strategic decision made by the domestic and international.
       It's opening up and promoting China's new round of countries along the common development of great significance. At present, economic globalization, regional economic integration and accelerating global growth and trade, investment patterns are brewing profound adjustments, Asian and European countries are in a critical stage of economic transformation and upgrading, the need to further stimulate the development of energy and cooperation potential region. "Along the way" strategic concept put forward, fit together along the country's demand for the countries along the complementary advantages, the open development opened a new window of opportunity.
       "Along the way" to talk about cooperation in the framework of equality of cultural identity, the country's strategic decisions, reflecting the peace, communication, understanding, tolerance, cooperation and win-win spirit.
       With China becoming the world's second largest economy, the international community, "China threat theory" sound heard. "Along the way" of the building, it is China in the world to clear up doubts, to the world that peace is rising: the rise of China is not to harm the interests of other countries for the price.
Construction of a new pattern of opening big boost regional cooperation

 “丝绸之路经济带”和“21世纪海上丝绸之路”格局 中国经济网马常艳制图

Promote the "Silk Road economic belt" construction, pay close attention to strategic planning, strengthen infrastructure construction interoperability. Construction of "Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century" to strengthen the construction of sea lanes interoperability, tighten ties of mutual interest.
       --2013 In December 2009, the General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the Central Economic Work Conference
       Interpretation: Looking back at history, two thousand years ago, people of all countries to conduct trade and business between the two Silk Road by land and sea. From 2100 years to the Han Dynasty 600 years ago, Zheng, both land and sea Silk Road countries Chinese silk, tea, porcelain, etc. along exports, brought civilization and friendship of all peoples won praise and love.
       Now, with China's economic rise and growth, China has the ability to help in more areas of other countries, especially as a big manufacturing country, China can not only export colorful cheap daily necessities, but also to the world to provide more technology and equipment. As a major global foreign exchange reserves, China can work together to jointly cope with the financial risk countries, China has the strength to invest overseas, and the State of much-needed funds to seize opportunities for development.
       Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng wrote recently explained, "along the way" of strategic significance that 30 years of reform and opening up, China's opening up has made remarkable achievements, but by the geographical location, natural resources, the development of basic and other factors, overall opening East West presents fast slow, weak-strong pattern of land. "Along the way" to build a new round of opening up the "Two Wings", at the same time enhance the level of opening to the east to the west to accelerate the pace of opening up, boost border areas inland from the edge of opening up towards the front.
According to China Economic Net is understood that "along the way" along most of the emerging economies and developing countries, with a total population of about 4.4 billion, a total of about $ 21 trillion economy, accounting for respectively 63% and 29% of the world. These countries generally on the rise of economic development, broad prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation. Deeply China and along the country's potential for cooperation, will upgrade the status of emerging economies and developing countries in the pattern of China's opening up, promote China's central and western regions and border areas of opening up, promote eastern coastal open economic transformation and upgrading of the lead , thus the formation of integrated land and sea, something Freemasons, facing the new pattern of global openness.
       China's economic development is a continuous process of innovation and seek to develop a breakthrough, constantly advancing from the coast inland to the west, "along the way" construction will comprehensively deepen reforms and create the preconditions for sustainable development, cooperation in the region to find a new pattern the focus of future development and a breakthrough is a "full inventory of a child fall while."
       In recent years, China's domestic implementation of the western development strategy in the situation, economic and trade cooperation between China and Central Asia and the west more countries have become an inevitable trend. And China's development experience and achievements, can learn from other countries in Central Asia. Roads, railways, oil and gas pipelines, network communication facilities continue to build, it is the modern form of the ancient Silk Road caravan.
       New Silk Road Connection "China Dream" and "Dream World"
       China will work with other countries to accelerate the "Silk Road economic belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" construction, start of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank as soon as possible, even more deeply involved in the process of regional cooperation, promote development and security in Asia and promote each other, complement each other .
       He noted that May 21, 2014, Xi Jinping made a keynote speech at the CICA summit, when -
       Interpretation: Open the map of the world can be found, "along the way" this world longest span economic corridor, originating in China, part of the region of Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Europe through the east led by the Asia-Pacific Economic Circle, West Department Europe's economic circle. It is the world's most promising economic zone, either from the economic development and improve people's livelihood, or from the financial crisis, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of perspective, countries along the future and destiny, closely interconnected as it is today, solidarity .
       "Along the way" is not only a strategic vision to revitalize the Chinese nation, it is the countries along the common cause, in favor of political mutual trust, geopolitical adjacent complementary economies and other advantages into practical cooperation and sustained growth advantage.
       By "along the way" construction, whether it is the "East Sea" or "West advance", will make our country and neighboring countries to form a "five-way." "Along the way" strategic cooperation, economic and trade cooperation is the cornerstone. Follow peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win spirit of the Silk Road between China and various countries along transport infrastructure, trade and investment, energy cooperation, regional integration and internationalization of the RMB and other fields, will usher A new era in creating shared.
       According Chinese economy network understood AND Chinese trade "area way" state over 1 trillion US dollars 2013 accounted for a quarter Chinese total foreign trade. Over the past 10 years, trade between China and along the country's average annual growth of 19%. The next five years, China will import $ 10 trillion of goods, foreign investment will more than 500 billion US dollars, the number of outbound tourists about 500 million people, neighboring countries and the countries along the Silk Road will be the first to benefit.
       Build a strong "community of interests" and "community of destiny"
       We hope the two sides to carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road, to build a "Silk Road economic belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" starting point for the new opportunities and deepen comprehensive cooperation and common development of the bilateral strategic partnership.
       - June 5, 2014, Xi Jinping attended the Sino-Arab Cooperation Forum of the Sixth Ministerial Meeting
       Interpretation: "along the way" is open and inclusive economic cooperation initiatives, limited the scope of the country, is not an entity not to engage the closure mechanism, there is the will of countries and economies can be involved, to become "along the way" of supporters, builders and beneficiaries. In the joint construction of the future, "along the way" will undoubtedly release greater vitality.
       Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui March 22 had said, "the future of the State and entities 'along the way' in the process may be more involved in many projects, but also more open."
       Foreign Ministry Deputy Director Liu Jinsong said earlier that the international economy, "along the way" initiative in line with the times, Asia has become the engine of economic growth, is the backbone of the world's multi-polarization and globalization. How to consolidate peaceful development, and further build consensus and force Asian countries to enhance "community of interests" and "community of destiny", it is a common task to achieve a harmonious Asia Asian countries.
       "Along the way" strategic concept, the hearts of people around the world are putting down roots. The revival of the Silk Road, an east-west, and seek common development blueprint is ambitious start to shop. Dream, pursuit, struggle, everything is possible. Chinese people have a dream, people around the world dream, which will bring the world of boundless vitality and bright prospects.

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