Environmental Friendly Production Solution Dyeing TIANAN Textile,Your Best Choice!

This product adopts special yarn and weaving process, with special way of finishing, can achieve the character of
Waistband interlining
The updated product of normal waistband interlining,with good bond strengthand special comfortable feeling when fusing with the fabric ,can achieve theresiliency toward the humans waist.
Pocketing fabric
Composition: 100%Cotton, Cotton/polyester Mixed, 100% Polyester.Type: Plain woven ,Twill woven , Herringbone pattern, Squared pattern.
Suit covers
Professional custom made of various materials,Using environmentally friendly materials,Dustproof wrinkle resistant

Thirteen Five Plan 10 mission ...
People's Daily, the first time on the 25th evening announced the "Thirteen Five" plan ten mission objectives: 1. to maintain economic growth, the transforma...

Hebei Tianan Textile Co, Ltd, is a production, design and development, sales as one of the modern enterprise. We located in new industrial park,Rongcheng County,Baoding City,Hebei Province, capital—north in accordance with Beijing and east in accordance with the Tianjin economic center. West near to Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao highway, and the Baoding-Tianjin inter-city train set the Baiyangdian Station here, the traffic is extremely convenient.

Our corporation actual strength is ample and equipment is advanced and the business management is tight, existing outstanding staff more than 200 employees, including 30 excellent people for R & D department . During so many years of R&D ...View More

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