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Xi Peng Liyuan greatly UK Tour

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The first set: white skirt suit + leaf shape brooch

Local time on October 19, with his wife Peng Liyuan Xi opened the five-day trip to Britain. In addition to the state visit of concern, Peng Liyuan's entourage wore what, once again become the focus of widespread concern. British "Daily Mail" reported on the 20th in the specialized Peng Liyuan day inventory of the three suits, evaluate its "elegant, charming." UK Internet users have received critical acclaim for Peng Liyuan also point Like, it seems we really charm Peng hemp global.

Peng Ma Ma wore this white split skirt can be said to be eye-catching, knee skirt with white small hand bag and black high heels, plus simple pearl earrings and brooches, graceful without overflow words.

Peng Ma Ma in the pocket of the white shirt, as well as a small amount of embroidery, Chinese style Mimi da ~

Xi Jinping greeted the Queen of England a couple of places one in a long purple coat debut


Second: dark gray print long dress coat + light gray scarf
Peng Liyuan three sets of clothes were white lines, gray lines and blue lines appeared, three sets of clothing are adhering to the Peng Ma Ma has been simple and elegant style, of course, the details are also reflected in Chinese traditional elements, it can be said inadvertently Room and perfect "endorsement" of the Chinese style.


Britain's Prince Charles, his wife Camilla greeted Camilla wearing blue ink yarn veil.


Xi greatly statement, you find Peng Ma Ma it?


  Third set: dark blue dress evening dress + white belt

Third set: dark blue dress evening dress + white belt. There are wood is amazing! After the welcoming ceremony attended by the Queen and the British Parliament held a speech, Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan grand state banquet in the evening attended Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip as they held. Peng Liyuan a dark blue length skirt stunning audience.

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